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CMM Optic announced its business expansion into optical and mechanical design engineering and electro-optical systems through the June 18, 2020 acquisition of the Rochester Hills operation of Global Imaging Technologies, formerly known as Axsys Technologies and Speedring.

According to CMM Optic President, Kevin McMahon, "We are very fortunate to acquire the assets of General Dynamics’ Global Imaging Technologies location in Rochester Hills, MI. The people are extremely talented, and the business is complimentary to CMM Optic. The combined sales revenue, additions of very experienced design engineering talent, and electro-optical products puts us ahead of key strategic plan goals." 

With this acquisition, CMM Optic builds on over 30 years of industry-leading manufacturing and customer support for metal and plastic optics, precision machined components and mechanical & optomechanical assemblies. The acquisition adds additional capability offerings which include telescopes, collimators, fast steering mirrors, laser scanning, and other integrated systems to its product lines and beam delivery solutions. 

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