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Coherent Acquires OR Lasertechnologie

Coherent has expanded its portfolio of industrial laser-based machine tools with its recent acquisition of O.R. Lasertechnologie GmbH (Dieburg, Germany).  O.R. Lasertechnologie produces a range of compact, high precision tools for laser additive manufacturing, including both direct metal deposition (DMD) and selective layer melting (SLM) technologies, as well as systems for cutting, welding, marking and engraving.  Their products are used in diverse applications, including dental, medical, jewelry, automotive and aerospace.

“The acquisition of Rofin-Sinar made Coherent into a major force in laser machine tools, and O.R. Lasertechnologie now gives us a complementary product line that specifically increases our solutions portfolio in additive manufacturing,” notes Thomas Merk, Coherent Executive Vice President and General Manager, Industrial Lasers and Systems.  “Additionally, their products will seamlessly integrate with our current offering because the O.R. Lasertechnologie approach is congruent with the Coherent philosophy: provide high performance, precision systems which deliver unmatched value and ease of use.  We see this as key to enabling lasers to displace other legacy manufacturing technologies in a variety of industries.  For example, these advantages have already allowed O.R. Lasertechnologie to enjoy success with their solutions for dental and medical device manufacturing.“

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