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PowerLine AVIA

Coherent introduced a new laser that combines a high power, ultraviolet (UV) laser and precision scan optics to deliver rapid throughput and exceptional cut quality when processing wafers, SIPs and PCBs. Specifically, the PowerLine AVIA NX matches a 40 Watt Coherent AVIA laser source with a two-axis galvanometer deflector, a beam expander, and an f-theta scan lens (with a field of view large enough to cover a 300 mm wafer or PCB). This combination produces small, focused spot sizes at the work surface, with high positional accuracy and stability to create fine features and narrow cuts with minimal heat affected zone (HAZ).  

The PowerLine AVIA NX is designed and built for reliability and longevity.  Coherent’s AVIA NX laser leverages the company’s extensive expertise in building high power UV lasers to provide exceptional lifetime. In the PowerLine sub-system, this laser and other system components are contained in a sealed enclosure which utilizes filtered, recirculated air to minimize contamination from external sources. When service is required, most operations can be performed in the field, without returning the unit to the factory. This is simplified through the use of modular design, where any element of the sub-system can be removed for service or replacement without exposing the rest of the system to contamination. 

The PowerLine AVIA NX is a Class IV laser sub-system designed for easy integration by system builders. Plus, Coherent can supply extensive applications support for pre-sales proof-of-principle testing and process recipe development. Once in service, all system parameters can be easily varied and tailored for specific tasks. 

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