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Craic at MRS

CRAIC Technologies is participating in the 2021 Materials Research Society Virtual Annual Meeting, December 6, 7 and 8th.  During the meeting, CRAIC will showcase a sophisticated and powerful suite of materials characterization instruments including UV-visible-NIR, Raman and Fluorescence microspectrophotometers.

The 2030PV PRO microspectrophotometers represent the cutting edge of spectroscopy of microscopic samples.  They are designed to maximize capabilities from deep UV to the NIR regions. Able to acquire absorbance, reflectance, fluorescence and photoluminescence spectra on the sub-micron scale, these instruments can be operated manually or can be fully automated. 

The Apollo M Raman microspectrometer is a modular system that can be added to the 2030PV PRO or used in a standalone configuration.  Featuring confocal Raman spectroscopy, this system is offered with lasers ranging from 405 to 830 nm.

The 508PV is a spectrophotometer designed to be added to an optical microscope.  Depending upon the microscope configuration, it is an easy way to acquire UV-vis-NIR transmission, reflectance and fluorescence spectra of microscopic samples.

These CRAIC Technologies instruments are operated with our Lambdafire software which offers features and applications including:

• full instrument control
• spectral analysis
• kinetic microspectroscopy
• spectral mapping
• microspot thin film thickness measurements
• spectral database creation and searching

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