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Cree, Inc. introduces the SmartCast Intelligence Platform, the first intuitive lighting system to leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) to deliver smart building solutions through a combination of hardware, software and services. The breakthrough platform combines Cree's industry leading SmartCast Power over Ethernet (PoE) LED lighting network with the company’s innovative analytics software to transform lighting and sensor data into actionable insights. The integrated solution provides immediate energy and space utilization recommendations that lower maintenance costs to improve productivity.

SmartCast Advisor, the first analytics application available on the SmartCast Intelligence Platform, monitors buildings via the SmartCast PoE lighting network, which is currently installed in a number of large customer sites. The application collects data and drives insights immediately upon installation. With the SmartCast Advisor application, building operators can repurpose underutilized space to optimize the productivity within their buildings. 

Cree’s PoE Lighting network is available on the SmartCast Intelligence Platform today.  The SmartCast Advisor software application is now available in a limited release.

Visit for more information.

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