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DSI dual bandpass filter

Infrared dual bandpass filters from Deposition Sciences, Inc. (DSI) deliver an ideal combination of optical performance and environmental stability for demanding military, security, and imaging applications such as infrared search and track systems (IRST) and targeting.  In particular, these filters are typically configured to pass a wide band of infrared wavelengths while blocking the regions associated with atmospheric water (5 – 8 µm) and CO2 (4.2 µm) absorption.  This results in improved system range and noise characteristics, and makes detection relatively insensitive to variations in ambient environmental conditions, such as rain or fog. 

DSI dual bandpass filters can be provided on a variety of IR transmitting substrates, including Si, Ge and InAs, and are available in diameters as large as 100 mm.  DSI can also provide a wide variety of custom dual bandpass filter designs for other applications, optimizing various optical performance characteristics, such as in-band transmission and out-of-band blocking, to meet specific technical requirements and budgets. 

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