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Cortet E 100 Gateway

Cortet, a specialist in smart building IoT technologies creating the industry standard for compatibility and performance, developed its E100 Gateway to serve a much larger role than just connecting the control network to the internet. The tiny 2 inch by 2 inch device not only automates firmware updates for the network, it also wirelessly controls up to 120 Cortet Certified devices across as many as 30 building zones and manages four schedules, per zone, per day, with a maximum of two day-groupings per zone.

The brains of the Cortet Lighting Control Solution, the E100 Gateway is designed for small- to-medium-sized commercial projects of up to 30 rooms. Controllable via a mobile app, the E100 can deliver a customized occupant experience that maximizes energy savings and is easily adjustable through every season. The E100 Gateway already meets or exceeds all state-level energy efficiency standards, requirements and building codes, and it can be updated over time to stay current with the latest requirements.

Additional Cortet Certified devices can easily be added to a building network through the gateway. Its secure connection to the Cortet cloud infrastructure enables users to set up new devices and control existing components onsite or remotely. Security updates can also be pushed through the gateway to the network automatically. The system leverages zigbee HA 1.2 security with AES 128 encryption for device-to-device communications. Each E100 employs network segmentation that limits a potential breach to those lighting devices within individual zigbee networks.

Cortet E100 At-a-Glance

  •      Communication and Control Standard: zigbee
  •      Wireless Range: Up to 100 meters
  •      Addressable Devices Per Gateway: 120
  •      Number of Zones Per Gateway: 30
  •      Maximum Number of Gateways per Network: 6
  •      Maximum Addressable Devices: 720
  •      Maximum Number of Zones: 180

The E100 Gateway is just one part of the overall Cortet Lighting Control Solution. Manufacturers can submit gateways, switches, sensors and other IoT-connected system components for “Cortet Certification”. Once a device is certified, customers of Cortet solutions can buy it for use in commercial deployments. Through the “Powered by Cortet” program, luminaire OEMs interested in expanding product offerings beyond static lamps and luminaires can integrate certified products into their current solutions to generate new revenue streams without investing time and money into new product development.

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