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Edmund Optics in China

Edmund Optics, a global provider of optical technology solutions, announced that its manufacturing in Shenzhen, China has achieved the ISO-14064-1 certification, reinforcing the company’s dedication to managing its carbon footprint and reducing global carbon emissions. This significant milestone marks a major step towards Edmund Optics’ environmental goals and showcases the its unwavering commitment to sustainability.

The ISO 14064-1 certification sets the foundation for the verification and reporting on greenhouse gases to effectively reduce carbon emissions. The certification process not only involves conducting a comprehensive carbon footprint inventory but also implementing strategies to manage and effectively reduce carbon emissions. By obtaining the ISO 14064-1 certification, Edmund Optics demonstrates its proactive approach to environmental responsibility and its commitment to sustainable and responsible business practices.

“We take our environmental responsibility very seriously,” says Jeff Harvey, Chief Innovation Officer. “To achieve this ISO certification is a major step towards our global environmental goals to which we have committed. Congratulations to the whole team in China for their impressive and ongoing efforts.”

Edmund Optics remains committed to driving positive change and will continue to explore innovative solutions to further reduce its environmental impact across all its global facilities. This ISO certification serves as a testament to its ongoing efforts to create a greener and more sustainable environment.

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