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Edmund Optics, a leading global manufacturer and supplier of optical components, has expanded its extensive inventory by partnering with Meta Materials Inc. (META) to release META holoOPTIX Notch Filters, a new product line that consists of large, flexible holographic notch filters. 

"Meta Materials' history of collaborating with large OEMs for product and technology development coupled with Edmund Optics' one-stop shop for optics, imaging, and photonics products will provide easy access for global customers to try this exciting new technology. Edmund Optics is thrilled to engage in this partnership with Meta Materials," said Ed Kay, VP of Retail Marketplace at Edmund Optics. 

George Palikaras, President and CEO of Meta Materials, commented, "We are excited for this new partnership with Edmund Optics that allows us to offer their customers our high-quality holographic notch filters. These will be easily accessible to engineers and scientists around the world for multi-photon microscopy, laser-based fluorescence instrumentation, and other applications."

META holoOPTIX Notch Filters feature the unique ability to maintain consistent notch center wavelengths for S and P polarization at high angles of incidence. Two different mounting configurations are available: FLEX and STRATA. FLEX notch filters feature a large, flexible design allowing for easy installation into systems of nearly any shape and size while STRATA notch filters are mounted in an industry-standard 1" black anodized aluminum housing. Each filter is optimized for high transmission in either red, green or blue laser line wavelengths while blocking rejected light with a superior >4.0 average optical density.

To view these and many more exciting new products offered by Edmund Optics, visit the new products page at

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