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Elliot Scientific announced that the company is now distributing, within the UK and Ireland, a range of products from leading precision positioning manufacturer Siskiyou.

Established in 1972, Oregon-based Siskiyou Corporation presently manufacture nearly 2,500 products of their own design for the life science and photonics industries. These include highly precise micromanipulators for microscopy, versatile multi-axis and single-axis translation stages, premium quality optical mounts, adjusting screws, clamps, rods, and much more.

Siskiyou prides itself in maintaining an experienced work force to provide life scientists and photonics researchers with dependable equipment backed up with superior technical knowledge. This makes a difference, as Siskiyou deliver extraordinary quality products designed to last.

Siskiyou products are Modular by Design(tm), which makes it easy to substitute interchangeable parts or to exchange and add modular units. This ability provides an unlimited array of functional tools that can be adapted to most any requirement.

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