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Among the products that Active Silicon is showcasing at Embedded VIsion Europe is the USB3 Vision Processing Unit. Live simultaneous acquisition, processing and display will be demonstrated from four USB3 Vision cameras. The unit processes the image stream in real-time and provides several data output options, including 3G-SDI.

The USB3 Vision Processing Unit has been developed for industrial and medical use. It is currently in production for use by one the company's customers leading the way in computer vision assisted surgery. Internally the VPU consists of our COM Express carrier card fitted with a high performance Intel i7 or similar processors.

A PCIe/104 expansion slot allows for flexibility in system design. With all the standard PC interfaces available, this embedded system can be readily adapted for many embedded vision applications. Come and visit us in the exhibition area to see and discuss what our experts can do for your business.


The conference programme opens with a focus on leading-edge technology with Raj Talluri from Qualcomm Technologies looking at the impact of IoT applications on computer vision. Other speakers include Marco Jacobs from Videantis, Giles Peckham from Xilinx, and Intel’s David Moloney. Machine learning, spectral sensing and miniaturization will all feature heavily in the presentations, offering delegates the opportunity to hear all about the latest developments driving the machine vision industry.

One-to-one Meetings Networking is a highly valued aspect of the event, and attendees have been able to pre-arrange one-to-one meetings with fellow delegates. Alongside networking breaks, attendees will have the chance to meet other industry leaders in this technology sector and, of course, customers, in an informal yet productive environment. 

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