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Erogear wearable, flexible LED display

Erogear, a provider of wearable, large-format display technology, today announced a product line named Fos. The Fos devices are fabric patches each containing a high-brightness light-emitting diode (LED) grid and Bluetooth for wireless display of 16-bit graphics, text and animations from any Bluetooth Classic or Low Energy device. Based on a new architecture, Fos averages less than 2 millimetres (mm) thick, weighs 32 grams (~1.1 ounce) and is as flexible as typical fabric.

Fos can be programmed to display Global Positioning System (GPS) guided turn signals, athletic statistics and other imagery on demand and in real-time. Cycling visibility is increased as Fos displays animated content unique to the user while music lovers can share sound-reactive designs with one another. Promoters can engage local and remote participants via social network messaging.

The Fos line can be tiled both horizontally and vertically, providing a scalable solution for visibility and event participation. The devices are encased in fabric and lined about the perimeter with 0.5-inch Velcro for easy application to and removal from garments and shoulder bags. A thin hidden wire protrudes from the rear and connects to a diminutive Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery pack.

Erogear has provided an application programming interface (API) with companion application for Android-based tablets and mobile phones, with iOS and desktop support to follow. The API provides a simple means for app developers to connect and send their imagery to Fos devices at up to 60 frames per second (fps).

Fos has been priced to meet the demands of cyclists, runners and music lovers everywhere. A single-height unit with a 32×8 pixel grid is priced at $149 USD; a double-height unit with 32×16 grid is priced at $299; and a custom leather belt with a 96×8 grid is available for $599. All packages come with everything required and are available now through Erogear’s Kickstarter Campaign.

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