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Coaxlink Octo

Euresys announces the latest member of the Coaxlink series: the 8-connection CXP-6 frame grabber, the Coaxlink Octo.

The camera data transfer rate of the Coaxlink Octo is 5 GByte/s. It comes with a PCIe Gen 3 x8 bus offering a peak delivery bandwidth of 7.8 GByte/s.

The effective delivery bandwidth is 6.7 GByte/s. It is also compatible with the Memento Event Logging Tool.  

The main target for the new Coaxlink Octo is multi-camera applications with support for up to eight cameras on a single frame grabber/single slot. Successful Coaxlink applications include 3D AOI, FPD inspection, printing inspection and in-vehicle video transfer.

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