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Excelitas Technologies Corp., an industrial technology manufacturer, announces the new µPAX-3 Pulsed Xenon Light Source. Combining an innovative lamp design with state-of-the-art circuitry and components in a packaged light source, the µPAX-3 provides microsecond-duration pulses of broadband light with exceptional arc stability. The µPAX-3 module contains an integrated flash lamp, trigger circuit, capacitor charging power supply and precision arc alignment in a small cubic format.

Leveraging Excelitas’ high stability short arc Xenon flash lamps, the µPAX-3 offers a wide range of flash energy levels and 2 watts maximum power in its pre-aligned module, with the ability to generate light over a continuous spectrum from ultraviolet to infrared. Its excellent stability and compact form factor make the µPAX-3 an ideal choice for analytical instrument applications, including UV/VIS spectrophotometers, point-of-care analytics, environmental analytics, absorption analysis, fluorescence triggers, immunoassays and microplate readers.

Features and benefits of the new product include:

  • High stability < 1.0% CV to enable consistency from use to use.
  • Small compact cubic design with integrated precision mounting features, enabling precision alignment with arc and attachment of additional optics.
  • Long lifetime ≥ 1 x 109 flashes to minimize the need for replacements.
  • External and internal reference voltage control (bulb life compensation, choices of controls).
  • Precision arc alignment feature for streamlined integration.
  • Enclosed design to deliver durability and minimize EM noise operation.
  • SMA adaptor option for easy fiber installation.
  • Smaller profile mating connector than the µPAX-2 required mating connector.

“Excelitas takes pride in providing specialty lighting products and solutions that help to create a brighter, healthier and safer environment, so we are pleased to introduce µPAX-3 as an enhanced evolution of our µPAX-2 light source,” said Mark Gaston, Product Manager at Excelitas. “µPAX-3 features a guaranteed stability < 1% and precision arc alignment for easy integration and improved overall performance – all in a more robust and compact design compared to our µPAX-2. The uPAX-3 is an ideal solution for product designers and engineers developing small form factor analytical systems for point of care and field use applications such as medical analytics, water quality monitoring, environmental analysis and more.”

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