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Excelitas Technologies Corp., a global technology leader delivering innovative, customized photonic solutions, today introduced its new SharpDot Point Source LEDs for streamlined integration into red dot sights. The new LEDs are designed to provide long-lasting, enhanced red dot brilliance at relatively low cost.

The Excelitas SharpDot Point Source LEDs feature the highest-efficiency Resonant Cavity LED (RCLED) technology in the industry, delivering excellent brilliance and very low power operation to maximize battery life. SharpDot LEDs can be operated down to 15nA for night-vision applications. The five well-defined dot sizes from 10um-80um allow for various shooting distances, ideal for red dot and reflex sights.

The product’s matte black housing minimizes unwanted reflections for a uniform dot profile and crisp, clear patterns. Eight standard red dot sizes (20µm, 25µm, 30µm, 40µm, 50µm, 80µm, 85µm and 120µm), custom dot sizes and reticle patterns are available, as well as other dot colors such as yellow and green. 

The RoHS-compliant SharpDot Point Source LEDs are readily available in a variety of dot sizes. Excelitas’ SharpDot Point Source LED products are surface mountable enabling easy integration into standard and flexible PCBs. Custom integrated subassemblies utilizing SharpDot are also available.

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