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X-Cite FIRE Light Source

Excelitas Technologies Corp., a technology specialist in customized photonic solutions, today introduced the X-Cite FIRE light source for fluorescence microscopy, the latest in its line of X-Cite products. The new X-Cite FIRE offers a rich, broad spectrum output from 360-750nm, for exciting an extended range of fluorophores with the advantages and simplicity of using LEDs.

From one end of the spectrum to the other, X-Cite FIRE has improved LED coverage, providing a closer match to mercury arc lamp output. With a 365nm spectral peak, X-Cite FIRE is matched perfectly with the narrow DAPI filter sets that are standard in research microscopes. At the opposite end of the spectrum, X-Cite FIRE provides 735nm excitation for Cy7, a wavelength that is not available in any other broadband LED light source at comparable prices.

Leveraging Philips Lighting’s ColorSpark HLD LED technology to improve output and remain cost-effective, the X-Cite FIRE’s high power in 500-600nm for TRITC and mCherry enables faster imaging time and better excitation for dim specimens. “We are pleased that our HLD LED technology will have such a positive impact on research imaging, and look forward to future projects with Excelitas,” said Marco Maenner, Business Development Manager at Philips Lighting.

Power levels for TRITC, Cy5 and Cy7 excitation rival that of arc lamps and can handle everything from routine imaging to demanding high-speed applications. Designed for use with liquid light guides, X-Cite FIRE is compatible with modern light-guide-only microscope designs and can also be combined with Excelitas microscope adaptors to replace traditional lamp houses. X-Cite FIRE makes it possible to switch from mercury lamps to environmentally-friendly LEDs without compromising on price or performance.

X-Cite FIRE offers the same intuitive, easy manual operation as other X-Cite products, with speedDIAL or foot pedal, USB and TTL control options. It is compatible with the standard X-Cite command set for seamless integration with existing X-Cite 120LED software drivers.

X-Cite FIRE will debut at Neuroscience 2017 in Washington, DC from November 12 – 15, 2017 at Excelitas Technologies’ exhibit: Booth #2922. 

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