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FRAMOS, a global expert in vision systems dedicated to innovation and excellence in enabling devices to see and think, is pleased to announce its presence at the Machine Vision Summit.

The inaugural Machine Vision Summit showcases the latest innovations in the machine vision industry. This free two-day summit offers educational sessions and curated keynotes where attendees will learn about how the combination of machine vision and AI is enabling new applications in inspection, bin picking and sorting, and optical character recognition (OCR). We’ll also cover advanced technologies in both the visible and non-visible spectrums and how they can help solve challenges in manufacturing and logistics automation.

On Thursday, May 23, 2024, at the live webinar held by Sam Leboe, Product Manager at FRAMOS, Sam will explore the basics of stereo imaging and explain how FRAMOS and Intel integrate these technologies into the world of automation.

These technologies offer impressive depth perception capabilities that are changing the way we approach industrial robotics and automation.

Stereo cameras are reshaping automation systems, allowing for new possibilities in robotics and enhancing efficiency in repetitive tasks. During the webinar session, attendees will be able to learn:

  • The principles behind stereo imaging and its use in industrial applications · The advanced features and capabilities of the FRAMOS D400e and Intel RealSense stereo cameras
  • Real-world examples of how these technologies are transforming industries and driving innovation

3D and Depth Sensing Technology with FRAMOS portfolio of D400e cameras

FRAMOS will highlight its portfolio of D400e series depth-sensing cameras. These 3D depth cameras are designed specifically for industrial environments and utilize advanced Intel® RealSense™ stereo depth sensing technology to perform exceptionally well in any lighting condition. They can be deployed in even the most demanding environments thanks to their long cable lengths and robust M12 connectors. D400e series 3D depth cameras are high-resolution active stereo cameras suitable for indoor and outdoor applications in various lighting conditions.

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