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LumeDEL LLC introduces the NewDEL Model X3312 Fiber-coupled LED source that employs a unique phosphor-coated UV-LED to emit a broad spectrum, 330 nm -1100 nm, for applications in spectroscopy as a replacement for halogen lamps.

If the UV peak is not needed or deemed intrusive, it can be blocked by a long pass filter that only passes VIS-NIR light, thus providing a continuous and balanced spectrum without peaks. The Model X3312 is a compact, fully integrated product which incorporates its own driver and microcontroller circuitry.

A separate driver/controller module is not required. Device operation can be

performed through a feature-rich Windows-based GUI or personally programmed using distinct serial commands.

The NewDEL product line of fiber-coupled LEDs includes three different broadband sources as well as 17 narrowband models with peak wavelengths from the UV to the near-IR spectral regions. The models offer complete configurability, from a continuous operating mode to pulsed or triggered modes, so that users at any level can set up a light source ideally suited to their system needs.

LumeDEL also offers fiberoptic patch cords, collimating lenses, filter holders and mounting hardware accessories to complement all NewDEL fiber-coupled LEDs.

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