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ReadyBeam Fisba

FISBA, a specialist in the field of micro photonics, is exhibiting from 24-27 June 2019 at Laser World of Photonics in Munich at Booth 506, Hall B1. FISBA designs and produces applications in the areas of life sciences, aerospace & defense and production engineering. FISBA offers the complete service from the first feasibility assessment to the final design, from series production to installation.

FISBA RGBeam laser module

Until now, FISBA offered the high-precision, miniaturized multiple-wavelength laser module, adaptable to the customer's requirements with free-space propagation or fiber-coupling, as a bare unit, i.e. without integrated electronics.

"Countdown to a new era in precision," this year FISBA presents its latest development: the FISBA READYBeam, a "ready to go" laser module, equipped with simple interfaces to allow rapid integration and use.

This laser module will initially be available in two fixed-wavelength versions with inbuilt electronics and cooling. It is light, compact and has a single-mode pigtail fiber output to allow the module to be used in high-precision OEM instruments, including as a fluorescent light source in analysis devices for biomedicine or as a variable-color light source in industrial metrology.

FISBA Fast Axis Collimator on bottom Tab with highly precise positioning

The two dominating options of pre-assembled Fast Axis Collimators (FACs) are FACs with side tabs and FACs on bottom tabs. Bottom tabs provide advantages such as better thermal conductivity between the FAC and the mechanical holder as well as a more mechanically robust design. FISBA is able to provide these parts based on our outstanding FACs with the following advantages:

  • Precise positioning on the tab, wherever you like the lens to be, positioning tolerance: +/- 2µm.
  • Recess based on measured Back Focal Length (BFL) of FAC, achievable tolerance +/-5µm
  • Especially short EFL FACs can easily be bent when gluing to bottom tabs. Due to the automated assembling process the smile of FISBA FACs on tab is not only low, but also shows good part to part stability.
  • Customized tab dimensions
  • EFL range from 200µm to 1700 µm
  • From prototypes to high quantity series
  • Packaging supports automated assembling of this subassembling

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