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Framos Introduces Reference Design Kits for Sony CMOS Sensors

With CCD technology, designing a camera around a vision sensor is a rather complex task. By using a CMOS sensor, the task can be easier for manufacturers looking to develop cameras, even in lower volumes and for special applications. 

Framos has launched its reference design kits (RDK) for Sony CMOS sensors.  

RDKs help manufacturers implement the image sensor into their new products by providing the information they need to integrate it into their design. It acts in combination with the sensor manufacturer’s evaluation (EVB) kits that allow them to evaluate the performance of the sensor under certain conditions. 

Framos now offers the RDKs as a customer service for the Sony IMX 174 and IMX 249 global shutter sensors from the Pregius series.

According to information from Framos, experience shows that the time saved using the RDKs ranges between 1–3 man months of engineering effort.  

The new Framos RDK added service for Sony sensors provides a kit that contains all the design files to understand how to integrate the sensor into a new design and includes all the necessary documentation in an easy to use manner. Optionally, the RDK PCB hardware can be purchased to provide a working example of the RDK design. 

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