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Gamma Scientific announces the release of its enhanced UDT Series Photometric Sensors. The product line features integral, proprietary photometric filters that deliver CIE V(λ) Function f1’ performance better than 1%, to precisely match the response of the human eye. The range includes sensor heads for measurement of diffuse light, miniature & low-profile units, thermoelectrically cooled devices and fixed field-of-view solutions.

The various sensor configurations allow for measurement of luminous flux, illuminance, luminous intensity and luminance. Calibration units include nit (cd/m2 ), lumens, lux, cd and foot-lamberts. All products feature NIST traceable calibration, carried out in our ISO 17025 NVLAP accredited laboratory (NVLAP lab code 200823-0). For the full range of products, please see Each sensor is ideally matched with our UDT Series optical meters, including multi-channel, benchtop, and handheld units. 

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