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Re-elected GenICam chairs

During the meeting of the GenICam Standard Group end of March in Suzhou/China the Chair and Vice-Chairs were elected for another regular three year period. The previous incumbents were unanimously re-elected. Dr. Fritz Dierks (Basler) remains Chairman of the GenICam Standard Group and is assisted by the three Vice-Chairmen Rupert Stelz (STEMMER IMAGING), Stéphane Maurice (Matrox Imaging) and Christoph Zierl (MVTec Software).

The GenICam standard is hosted by the European Machine Vision Association (EMVA). More about GenICam can be found here.

Photo: The reelected Chair and Vice-Chairs of the GenICam Standard Group, from left to right: Vice-Chair Rupert Stelz (STEMMER IMAGING), Chair Dr. Fritz Dierks (Basler), Vice-Chair Stéphane Maurice (Matrox Imaging) and Vice-Chair Christoph Zierl (MVTec Software).

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