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Gidel will be exhibiting at the Embedded World show from June 21 to 23, 2022 in Nuremberg, Germany. The company will be showcasing its innovations for embedded vision applications at booth 531 in hall 2.

Less data, more image quality: Gidel Quality+ Compression

One key innovation demonstrated at the Gidel booth is the Gidel Quality+ Compression algorithm. Compression is essential for many high-speed, high-resolution, and real-time imaging applications. System developers have always been confronted with the necessity of trading off between image quality and reduced data. This issue has become more crucial as state-of-the-art CMOS sensors have ever increasing resolutions and frame rates. Gidel’s Quality+ Compression is a technological breakthrough that allows to compress image data while keeping image quality over gigapixel per second. Gidel’s real-time Quality+ Compression opens new possibilities for high-resolution, high frame rate applications.

High-bandwidth vision on the edge: Gidel FantoVision edge computers

Another Gidel highlight at the Embedded World exhibition is the FantoVision family of embedded computers designed for high-bandwidth recording, transmitting, imaging and AI vision applications on the edge. The ultra-compact FantoVision20 and FantoVision40 combine Gidel’s high-performance frame grabbing and FPGA pre-processing technology with the NVIDIA Jetson family. FantoVision performs high-speed processing, low-latency transmission, AI inferencing, and/or recording of high-volume image data on the edge, enabling to upload to the cloud only data of interest. FantoVision20 features two 10GigE or Camera Link interface for up to 20 GB/s throughput, while FantoVision40 features four CoaXPress 2.1 links.

High-performance frame grabbers with short-term delivery

Developers of embedded vision systems currently face the challenge of sourcing critical vision systems and components. Gidel offers a full range of high-performance frame grabbers with GigE Vision, Camera Link or CoaXPress interface designed for real-time image acquisition. All frame grabbers are available within short lead times.

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