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The new model of an affordable GL SPECTIS 4.0 UV from GL Optic is designed for fast verification of UV radiation in the production environment as well as in laboratories. GL Optic introduces a range of solutions optimized for UV LEDs measurement in a variety of applications.

UV radiation is widely used in industrial processes and in medical and dental practices for a variety of purposes such as treatment of skin diseases, killing bacteria (disinfection) or phototherapy. It is used in curing inks and resins, artwork inspection, gem and mineral authentication, document verification, crime scene inspection or pest control. The effectiveness of UV radiation can vary significantly with even slightly different frequencies of radiation. This invisible part of optical radiation can only be measured with calibrated and reliable optical measuring instruments. Increased usage of UV LEDs necessitates applications of accessible and reliable measurement tools. This calibrated spectroradiometer can be connected with a small 48mm integrating sphere for radiant power measurement of single sources or a 205mm integrating sphere for larger modules testing. The award-winning setup “GL RID One UV” consists of a spectroradiometer combined with a tabletop goniometer system for measurements of the radiant intensity angular distribution.

Radiant power at exact wavelength value is very important to design and to evaluate systems involving UV radiation. For example the sensitivity curve for Escherichia Coli, also known as E-Coli, is strongly dependent on the wavelength – the contaminants level in drinking water will vary for the same power radiated at different point of UVC range; in case of pest control, the optimum range for attracting flies is at around 365nm and this is the wavelength that is given out by the conventional UVA tubes in fly killers. Shifting it reduces the catch rate. At UVB medical skin treatment, applications controlling narrow beam at 311 nm are critical due to hazardous side effects. A spectroradiometer that is stable in time, repeatable and calibrated is the answer for safe production of UV radiation products.

High precision optical measurement instruments which have been manufactured by GL Optic for the last 10 years are now available in different configurations allowing the measurements of single LEDs, LED modules as well as LED based UV lamps.

The usable spectral working range of Spectis 4.0 starts at 200nm. Depending on configuration, the optical resolution FWHM could be set at 0.5nm. Dedicated thermal adjustment allows stable readings at different application temperatures up to 35 °C. Due to proper calibration, absolute UV spectral values are free of stray light impact. Wavelength and linearity correction is verified with the use of an optical bench. Absolute readings are well aligned to the black body radiation standard and checked with the deuterium lamp for short UV range. UV measurements with GL Spectis 4.0 can fill the gap in a variety of ultraviolet LED applications.

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