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Graphene Flagship partner, Emberion, is launching a new VIS-SWIR graphene photodetector at Laser World of Photonics on June 24 to 27 in Munich, Germany. Showcased in Hall A2 at stand 113/3, the linear array can enable on-site analysis of food and agriculture products using infrared detection — at a lower cost than existing indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs) infrared sensors. 
Enabled by EU-funded research initiative, the Graphene Flagship, Emberion’s ultra-sensitive photodetectors combine graphene transistors with an efficient light absorbing layer. This combination enables a wide spectral range covered with a single photodetector, from visible (VIS) light to short-wave infrared (SWIR), detecting wavelengths from 400 to 1800nm. Penetrating through material, the SWIR light allows for quick analysis of organic products, such as food and chemical composition.  
Complete detection of visible light and short waved infrared range previously required two sensor types; silicon and InGaAs typically. InGaAs sensors however can be expensive for the end customer. The replacement of such material with graphene couples the capabilities of silicon and InGaAs in one graphene-based sensor, allowing for approximately a 30% cost reduction.
VIS-SWIR graphene photodetectors are a ready-to-buy product, making previously cost-prohibited in-line and in-field spectroscopy applications feasible. Food security. plastic sorting in recycling, authentication of pharmaceutical products, agricultural field analysis and non-invasive medical imaging are among the many potential uses for this product.
“Graphene’s unique properties and its compatibility to combine with other nanomaterials allowed us to create this cost-effective array for spectrometers,” explained Tapani Ryhänen, CEO of Emberion. “Providing broad spectrum capabilities, without the expense of traditional InGaAs sensors, the VIS-SWIR graphene photodetector provides a digital output using Emberion’s inhouse designed read out circuits (ROIC) — without the need to translate analogue data with additional components.
“With sensitivity and noise levels comparable to InGaAs detectors, our graphene-based sensors are a more affordable option for businesses who were previously faced with costly products.”
Founded in 2016 as a spin-off from Nokia Technologies, Emberion, is part of 1,290 companies exhibiting at Laser World of Photonics. As a Graphene Flagship partner, Emberion’s VIS-SWIR graphene photodetector launch precedes further announcements, which will be revealed at Graphene Week 2019 in Helsinki, Finland from September 23 to 27.

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