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Borealis from Uniqsis is a new high intensity LED lamp unit, available in a range of fixed wavelengths (370, 410, 440, 460 and 520nm), that converts their Cold Coil standalone reactor module into a flow reactor for photochemical applications.

Both the Borealis LED lamp and the Cold Coil reactor modules require liquid cooling from either a piped water supply or a closed loop recirculator.

Fitted with a safety interlock, to prevent accidental exposure to high intensity light, the LED lamps are powered by a programable power supply that automatically detects the wavelength of the Borealis LED module and adjusts the output characteristics accordingly. A temperature sensor and safety cut-out are fitted to protect the LEDs from overheating. An Inert gas purge input is provided for low temperature use.

To operate as a turn-key photochemical flow reactor system - a coil reactor is inserted inside the Cold Coil reactor module and clamped in place using the external adjuster. The Borealis LED lamp unit is then inserted into the coil reactor and connected to the programmable power supply.

The coil reactor temperature is controlled by connecting the Cold Coil to a either a cold-water supply (for reactions close to room temperature), or preferably to a high precision thermoregulation system**.

Since 2007, Uniqsis has specialised in the design and supply of mesoscale continuous flow chemistry systems for a wide range of applications in chemical and pharmaceutical research. The company’s aim is to make flow chemistry easily accessible to both novices and experienced users.

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