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High-Performance RUVIS Fingerprinting Lens

Compact in design, Resolve Optics Model 228 is a full featured, high performance RUVIS lens proven in the world of fingerprinting and forensic investigation. 

The Model 228 lens offers a true high-resolution macro viewing capability by imaging onto a RUVIS scope with a 1:1 lens magnification while exactly matching the optical resolution of both lens and image intensifier.

Providing high performance in both the UV and visible wavebands, the Model 228 lens enables investigators to identify and focus on a target in the visible and then quickly slide the UV filter across to take images in the UV without having to refocus. 

Offering a wide field-of-view the lens offers unmatched high-resolution macro images for fingerprinting and human skin damage applications in particular. Because of its wide field-of-view and the high transmission qualities of the lens coatings used, the Model 228 lens is considerably more light-efficient than other longer focal length lenses offering an identical view, its maker says.

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