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Laser Components introduces fiber optic switches. High-speed fiber optic switches benefit from non-mechanical operation. They are based on electro-optic technology and are highly reliable with no moving parts and organic materials in the light path.  Configurations available are 1×1, 1×2, 1×4 and 2×2, etc, in both polarisation-independent and polarisation-maintaining versions, with ultra-fast switching in the region of 10ns, and rise/fall times around 8ns up to 3MHz rate. Switches are vibration in insensitive and ultra-high reliability 10^14.

This highspeed switch family features ultra-low loss (<1dB), bi-directional, covering wavelengths from 500nm to 2000nm. They are polarisation insensitive and high extinction versions are available in dual stage configuration.  Features also include high optical power handling up to 10W, and a wide operating temperature range (-50°C to +90°C).

Switches are categorised into “ultra-fast” with a response (<5ns rise/fall, up to 1MHz repetition) or (4ns rise, up to 1Mhz repetition), “premium” with a response (<50ns rise/fall, up to 1MHz repetition) and “standard” with a response (<100ns rise/fall, up to 500KHz repetition). 

The high-speed switch family range includes a polarisation switch (fast and reliable), optical shutter 1 x 1 (high extinction), multimode fibre switch 1 x 2, 90 deg polarisation switch (device dynamically controls the optical phase of the transmitting light) and switchable fibre optic splitter/coupler (100ns rise/fall). The switchable fibre optical splitter, in 1×2 format, splits an incoming optical signal into two output optical fibres with the capability of switching between two splitting ratios.

Switch drivers are available to match the high-speed family of switches - high speed, high repetition, high output voltage and push-pull output design to ensure fast switching times for rise and fall edges. They are designed to drive a capacitive load which makes them ideal to drive the electro-optical switches. They have low power consumption and TTL/CMOS control.

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