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Dr Linda Kidder

HORIBA Scientific, a global leader in Raman, fluorescence spectroscopy and particle characterization solutions, is pleased announce that Dr. Linda Kidder has joined the company as our new Life Sciences Business Development Manager. Dr. Kidder will focus on developing and expanding our suite of scientific instruments to meet the requirements of selected key life science markets and applications.

Dr. Kidder will collaborate with key opinion leaders and scientists across a number of life science industries to provide market requirements to the product development teams at HORIBA.  She will also collaborate with the other HORIBA segments, including the HORIBA Medical and HORIBA Process and Environmental segments, to leverage their expertise and enable key joint product developments.

Prior to joining HORIBA, Linda co-founded Spectral Dimensions, who provided spectroscopic imaging solutions to the pharmaceutical industry. It was acquired by Malvern Instruments, where she became Global Project Manager of Chemical Imaging.  She then joined their Bioscience Development Initiative as Senior Scientist. Looking to expand her business development role, she moved to BrightSpec, a startup specializing in chiral analysis, and then to Shimadzu as Strategic Product Leader, responsible for their 13 analytical instrumentation product lines in North America.

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