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HORIBA Scientific, global leader in OEM Gratings, Miniature spectrometers and Scientific Camera systems and solutions, just announced its new CiCi-Raman engine designed for high volume OEM industrial customers.

The CiCi-Raman-785 is a high performance spectrometer featuring an aberration-corrected concave holographic grating configured with HORIBA Scientific's deep-cooled Syncerity CCD camera with a new VIS-NIR detector, and a round-to-slit fiber converter for high efficiency collection from a Raman  probe. A 532nm spectrometer design also exists and is optimized for Semiconductor process applications, with the same deep-cooled camera and its new high Quantum Efficiency sensor.

The CiCi-Raman is unique in several ways. Its improved deep cooled camera features a new CCD sensor with QE of 90% at 650nm and 70% at 900nm, with 2048 pixels and 1mm collection height. While most existing OEM Raman modules feature limited cooling capability from 0C to -15C, HORIBA’s camera is cooled at -50o C or lower as needed, but remains a low cost and compact system.  

It offers an ultra-stable opto-mechanical platform: a one-time long-term factory wavelength calibration is sufficient. CiCi-Raman-785 is fiber-coupled for convenient integration in Raman Process solutions, offering several configurations. A 532 nm version is also available.

This new Raman system is ideal for OEM applications in Process Control, Biomedical and Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics, Forensics and Security, Semiconductors and Foods and Beverage Safety.

Cici-Raman-785 is currently available. 

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