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Richard Hogg

Professor Richard Hogg, CTO and technical advisor to III-V Epi, will be taking on a new role as Professor of Photonics at Aston Institute of Photonics Technology (AIPT) in Birmingham, in MAy. The new role is a non-teaching position, allowing Professor Hogg to focus more of his time on Photonics research, development, and commercialisation. His CTO role with III-V Epi will be unchanged.

AIPT is amongst the world’s leading photonics research centres, running national and international, research, industrial and commercialisation projects in medical, healthcare, telecoms, and datacoms. The institute has over one hundred industrial partners, including Airbus, IBM, Infinera, Thales, BAE Systems, and Nokia Bell Labs and collaborations with over eighty other photonic centres worldwide.

Professor Hogg, said, “I am delighted to be joining AIPT in a new role that not only progresses my academic career, but also draws on my industrial experience at NTT Basic Research Laboratories, Toshiba Cambridge Research Laboratories, and Agilent Technologies. My CTO role at III-V Epi will continue, unchanged, along with the collaboration III-V Epi has with the James Watt School of Engineering at the University of Glasgow. It is my hope that my role at AIPT will present an excellent opportunity to bring III-V Epi’s fast turnaround wafer design, manufacturing, test and characterisation services to a new and wider audience.”

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