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Quantum Design UK and Ireland is proud to launch International Light Technologies ILT-960-UV into the UK and Ireland market.

The ILT960-UV is ILT’s new portable, compact UV spectrometer with increased broadband sensitivity.  The ILT960 -UV can measure UV light levels as small as 0.4 uW/cm2/nm.  The ILT960UV-RAA4 has everything you need to start taking measurements.  The system includes the spectrometer,  meter fibre optic light guide, RAA4 right angle cosine correcting input optic, calibration with certificate, and carrying case. 

UVGI-based systems depend on the proper intensity of light reaching a surface to ensure proper disinfection.  If you are using UVC light to decontaminate air, water, surfaces and personal protective equipment (PPE) or other devices, ILT has specially configured a number of systems aimed at measuring light sources from common UV disinfection systems.  All systems come with a meter, detector, ISO17025 accredited calibration, and carrying case. 

The new ILT960UV combined with ILT’s powerful SpectrILight III software, including a baseline overlay comparison, Irradiance Select, Peak find and more, makes the ILT960UV an extremely versatile device for in the lab or in the field. 

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