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The new Monaco UV femtosecond laser from Coherent provides industrial 24/7 reliability with the energy, repetition rate, and resulting minimal heat affected zone (HAZ) to drive high-throughput, high-precision cutting, scribing, and drilling in microelectronics. This makes the laser suitable for OLED cutting, wafer cutting, cutting of thin polymer films and foils, flex circuit and low-κ material processing. 

While UV (345 nm) femtosecond lasers deliver lower HAZ than other ultrashort pulse lasers, their deployment into the industrial market has been slowed by unsatisfactory reliability.  In contrast, Monaco UV utilizes the rigorous HALT/HASS design, manufacturing, and testing protocols employed in the company’s other high-reliability ultrafast and UV lasers. It is the first UV femtosecond laser which offers greater than 3X reduction in HAZ.

In addition to exceptional reliability, the output of the Coherent Monaco UV has been specifically designed to deliver the combination of pulse energy and repetition rate (20 µJ/pulse at 1.25 MHz) that best matches the ablation threshold of commonly utilized materials. This enables it to enhance production throughput, while simultaneously offering a lower cost per watt than competitive lasers. And, the monolithic Monaco UV is also the most compact (L=963 mm x W=358 mm x H=175 mm) industrial femtosecond UV solution available, simplifying integration for the system builder. Additionally, the Monaco UV uses the same powerful software interface as the rest of the Monaco family, making it easy for both the systems integrator and end user to migrate to this new source.

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