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Iridian in Ottawa

Iridian Spectral Technologies announced that Spartan Bioscience on obtained Health Canada approval this week for use of the Spartan Cube for COVID-19 testing. Iridian’s optical filters are a key component in this instrument. Through an extensive manufacturing effort by all of Iridian's employees, the company has been able to supply optical filters to support the increased production of the Spartan Cube.

Iridian thanks to all of its dedicated Iridian employees, especially those at work every day at our operation in Ottawa (Canada), making our contribution to this Canadian/Ottawa success story possible. Iridian stands ready to continue supporting Spartan and their ongoing needs in helping to fight the pandemic.

Iridian Spectral Technologies Ltd is a diversified optical filter manufacturer that is an international leader in filter design and manufacture especially for application in the fields of fiber optic communications, biomedical optical spectroscopy, 3D entertainment, and in aerospace. Iridian is a global supplier with distributors in many countries.

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