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IVM Series Two-Axis Kinematic Optical Mounts From Siskiyou

IVM Series kinematic optical mounts from Siskiyou utilize a patented, spring-loaded pivot construction to deliver two-axis tilt adjustment with zero crosstalk and longterm mechanical stability (absence of drift). These mounts are available for use with 0.5", 1.0" and 2.0" diameter components. Plus, the 1.0" and 2.0" sizes are available in a version having a large cutout in the back plate of the mount to allow for an unobstructed beam path when used with beamsplitters at incidence angles of up to 45°.

IVM Series mounts feature top adjustment, which makes them useful in space constrained applications or where mechanical access to the mount is limited. Total angular adjustment for all these mounts is 8°, with a minimum controllable motion as small as 2.3 arcseconds. All IVM mounts can be supplied with either 100 TPI (thread per inch) hex head screw actuators or a knob drive for easy manual adjustment.  Motorized operation is also supported through compatibility with Siskiyou 500 Series Linear Drive actuators. 

Standard versions of IVM Series mounts are constructed from anodized aluminum.  Vacuum compatible versions are also available on request. 

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