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Jeremy White

The EMVA announced that Jeremy White will give a keynote titled ‘The Rise of Artificial Intelligence’ at the 2018 edition of the EMVA Business Conference taking place June 7-9 in Dubrovinik/Croatia. Jeremy is executive editor of Wired, the influential technology and trends magazine that covers innovation and the businesses that are building the future. He is in charge of analyzing and identifying emerging trends and technological shifts that will impact consumers and businesses alike.

From the Internet of Things to AI, smart homes to smart cities, flying cars to passenger drones, Jeremy has first-hand experience of emerging trends as well as personal contact with the global business leaders driving them. He has been writing about technology and design for more than 14 years and is also currently the technology expert for Telegraph Luxury, the Robb Report, Boat International, and Harrods. Jeremy also appears regularly on the BBC and Sky News representing the magazine.

In addition to that, the EMVA announced that Mr. Michal Czadybon, General Manager at Adaptive Vision, talking about ‘Deep Learning in Industrial Quality Inspection: Experiences from the field’ in the technical part of the conference program. The Megatrend Deep Learning will also be covered by another speech given by Professor of EECS Jitendra Malik from UC Berkeley who will dedicate this presentation to ‘Deep Learning for Deep Visual Understanding’.

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