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Jorg Bussmann has returned to Macnica ATD Europe. Since 1 st November he serves as Deputy Marketing Director, collaborating with Clémence Boudot in France to coordinate and expand the department. His mission is to leverage Macnica to the brand awareness in Europe that it already receives in its Asian home markets.

"I am delighted to be back and excited about the upcoming challenges. Today’s marketing needs to constantly reinvent itself to meet current demands. This includes making the spirit and values of our parent company in Yokohama, Japan, visible in Europe," explains Jörg. "We will achieve this through targeted, customer-centric omnichannel marketing campaigns, improved access, and increased media visibility."

Previously, Jorg has built up the PCO and later Excelitas BU Marketing and before that he already was responsible for the Marketing of ATD Electronique which then became Macnica ATD Europe.

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