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The graph shows the VIS wavelength capabilities of the HARMONIK All lasers are pumped by our low-noise fiber lasers in the NIR not shown, allowing the lasers to be locked to frequency references at either their fundamental or converted wavelengths

New Koheras HARMONIK frequency-converted fiber lasers from NKT Photonics offer a wide range of new wavelengths, up to 10 W of power, low noise, and a linewidth below 200 Hz.

The Koheras fiber lasers are reliable, alignment-free, and maintenance-free, the company reports. They can be mounted in a rack or placed upside down. 

15,000 Koheras lasers have been installed in demanding industrial applications for decades. 

Koheras HARMONIK lasers are available at the following wavelengths as a standard:

  • 780 nm, 840 nm, and 1064 nm for rubidium
  • 317 nm, 813 nm, and 1064 nm for strontium
  • 532 nm and 1762 nm for barium
  • 399 nm, 556 nm, 638 nm, 770 nm, and 1064 nm for ytterbium

Meet us at LASER World of PHOTONICS

Meet us at LASER World of PHOTONICS 2022 in Munich in booth B5.328.

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