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New probe variations for the popular Display Color Analyzer CA-410 used to measure 21mm, 4mm and viewing angle characteristics

Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc. (Konica Minolta) highlights its new progressive technology at Display Week 2020 within its display measurement product line. The introduction of Konica Minolta’s latest probes used in measuring â€2.1mm (model CA-VP402), â€4mm (model CA-VP404) and viewing angle characteristics (CA-VP410T) of displays is the first of its kind available to the display industry. These new progressive instruments for AR/VR microdisplays and curved OLED displays for Lvxy/u’v’, FMA, JEITA ,VESA  and flicker use the new CA-410 probes to measure â€2.1mm, â€4mm and viewing angle characteristics.

The CA-VP402 (small spot probe â€2.1mm) has a measuring area diameter of â€2.1mm. The dedicated optical system and operation algorithm provides both guaranteed accuracy at low luminance and small measurement area.  Suitable for applications requiring small-area measurents ranging from low luminance measurements, such as for gamma adjustment of micro OLED, to that of high-speed, high-accuracy measurements. The CA-VP404 (small spot probe â€4mm) has a measuring area diameter of â€4mm. The guaranteed accuracy from 0.004 cd/m2 enables high-speed, high-accuracy measurements of small areas such as smartwatch OLEDs, smartphones, and small APL (average pixel level) windows.

Also available in the collection is the the high sensitivity probe (â€27mm, â€10mm) which is primarily used for OLED displays and offers superb chromaticity repeatability on lower level luminance displays. The â€10mm long-working distance probe (model CA-VP410T) has a measurement distance of 200mm to the sample and is extremely valuable in viewing angle measurements. Its ability to take multi-angle measurements of in-vehicle displays or smartphone OLEDs is due to its ability to measure displays regardless of its directionality. In addition, the long working distance probe allows it to be used in applications when distance from the item being measured is important. This valuable feature is often used in production measurement systems when the need to avoid collisions with the item being measured is imperative.

These probes are compatible with Konica Minolta’s Display Color Analyzer CA-410 instrument. The CA-410 is used for high-speed measurement of precise luminance, chromaticity and flicker of HDR displays, including curved OLED screens. Users can accurately measure and adjust the chromaticity and white balance of displays that have a wide color gamut. It can also easily integrate into an existing automatic measurement system and capture flicker measurement with the wider frequency measurement range that covers all types of displays. 

Konica Minolta Sensing Americas prides itself in offering exceptionally advanced optical technology that precisely measures color and light. Its light and display measurement instruments provide reliable results in research, quality control, and display performance industries. Its instruments are used in labs to measure luminance, illuminance, chromaticity, color temperature and flicker of light sources for quality control, government testing, photography and cinematography worldwide.

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