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Laird thermocooler for laser projectors

Outdoor light shows and cinemas utilize laser projection technology to deliver high-quality images with sharp contrasts, exceptional brightness and a wide color range. Because heat load in each laser can be more than 100 Watts it must be quickly dissipated away to protect sensitive optoelectronic components. Offering precise temperature control, ambient liquid cooling systems featuring thermoelectric coolers are ideal for spot cooling of laser projector applications. The new Ultra TEC UTX product series offers a 10% boost in heat pumping capacity, greater temperature differential and higher efficiency than standard thermoelectric coolers.

Compared to traditional lamp projectors, laser projectors are more energy-efficient, provide brighter and sharper images and can project at farther distances. However, designers are tasked with integrating proper thermal management to dissipate the large amount of heat generated by the lasers. Compressor-based refrigeration systems that cool sensitive laser electronics with fluids are commonly used for thermal management, however, this type of closed-loop system design loses thermal control as the fluids come closer to the heat source. On the other hand, ambient liquid systems that incorporate thermoelectric coolers in the cooling loop enable spot cooling of the laser for more precise temperature control.

By using the Peltier effect, thermoelectric coolers actively move heat away from sensitive optoelectronics. Given their solid-state operation, thermoelectric coolers significantly reduce maintenance and the total cost of ownership for laser projection systems. To manage the large amount of heat travelling through a small surface area, high capacity thermoelectric coolers will be required. Assembled with advanced thermoelectric materials, the new UltraTEC UTX thermoelectric cooler from Laird Thermal Systems delivers a cooling capacity of up to 296 Watts. The proprietary module construction features a higher thermal insulating barrier creating a maximum temperature differential of up to 72°C.

The UltraTEC UTX Series is offered in 13 models covering various footprints, capacities, configurations and voltage inputs.

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