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Laser Components introduced the BERT-1102 from Quantifi Photonics, a new PXI-based 29G PAM4 BERT that offers 8 lanes of 29Gbaud PAM4 in a single PXI module.  It has the ability to scale to 64 channels in a single PXI chassis and up to 512 channels by chaining 8 chassis together.  With a built-in distributed clock, the PAM4 BERT reduces cabling and maintains a small, streamlined footprint.

Built on open, modular, proven PXI technology, the PAM4 BERT is used alongside a module compliance board, oscilloscope, and intuitive software. The new single platform transceiver test solution reduces complexity, allowing engineers to increase test efficiency and accelerate time to market.

The BERT-1102 is designed for characterisation and manufacturing test of optical transceivers and opto-electrical components with symbol rates up to 29GBaud/s in both NRZ and PAM4 formats. With scalability and exceptional signal fidelity, it is a cost effective test solution for up to 400Gb/s communication eco-systems.

Further information Bit Error Tester - Compact Fibre Optic Measurement and Testing Equipment 

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