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HoloOR line shapers

LASER COMPONENTS’ partners Holo/OR announce new large angle line shapers, responding to increasing demand for line shaping solutions with wide angles in order to enable high throughput processing of a large area in laser annealing or ablation applications.

Using a line-shaped uniform laser beam has clear throughput advantages over step and repeat methods when treating large areas.  Using the large line shaper in a single mode laser system achieves high peak intensity over a large area by shaping the beam to a narrow, diffraction limited line.

The large line shaper offers line angles greater than 150mRad, while maintaining diffraction limited line width.  The line exhibits a flat-top uniform intensity profile over the entire length, with sharp diffraction limited drops at the edges.  This diffractive element is suitable for high damage threshold applications and can be optimised from DUV to NIR.

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