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Laser Components designs and manufactures a range of pulsed laser diodes (PLDs) at its facility in Canada. These PLDs are designed to be overdriven for short periods, enabling very high peak power (up to 650W) output for a short duration.  PLDs are ideal for time of flight measurements used in lidar systems. They are available in 3 standard wavelengths: 850nm, 905nm and 1550nm and in a variety of different package configurations including options for integrated optical filters or with optical fibre pigtails.

Laser Components also offers an extensive range of diode lasers for continuous wave (CW) or modulated applications including Fabry-Perot (FP), distributed feedback (DFB) and vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL) laser diodes.  Its VCSELs offer high performance at a relatively low price.  The very small wavelength drift with temperature (typically 0.07nm/°C) enables narrower bandpass filters to be used, which decreases ambient light interference, improving signal to noise ratio.

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