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LED Solar Simulator Supports Testing, Development of Photovoltaic Devices

Innovations in Optics has introduced the LumiSun-50 high-power, multi-wavelength LED Solar Simulator that meets Class AAA solar simulator requirements of IEC 60904-9 for spectral match, uniformity of irradiance and temporal stability. 

Primary applications for the LumiSun-50 are terrestrial photovoltaic testing and PV research.

Advantages over arc-lamp-based sources solar simulators

The benefits of LED-based solar simulators for PV testing compared with traditional xenon or metal-halide arc-lamp-based sources include that LEDs are more energy efficient, smaller in size and operate with consistent emission for long lifetimes leading to low maintenance and cost of ownership. LEDs are instant-on where arc lamps need minutes to warm up. LED solar simulators can be used in multiple modes: continuous, flashed or pulsed. LEDs are more environmentally friendly by being mercury-free, generating no ozone and emitting no harmful UV radiation. LEDs are a cool source compared to arc lamps, largely from having no infrared emission.  Reduced heat simplifies system cooling mechanisms and preserves materials under irradiation.

The LumiSun-50 achieves a spatially uniform illumination field from a chip-on-board (COB), multiple-wavelength LED die array.  The field of illumination is 50 x 50 mm at a working distance of 200 mm. The LumiSun-50 includes a driver/controller which individually provides constant current to each die in the COB array. Total irradiance of 1.1 sun units is provided and can be decreased to 0.1 suns.  The LED light source of the LumiSun-50 is contained within an air-cooled housing that can rotate the angular beam alignment. Adjustment and setting of the optimum light path working distance is visually facilitated by a converging pair of red dot laser pointers.

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