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Light Conversion, a Lithuanian manufacturer of femtosecond Optical Parametric Amplifiers (OPAs) and Non-Collinear OPAs (NOPAs), released an update for femtosecond lasers PHAROS with new software interface and integrated power supply.

PHAROS is combining millijoule pulse energies and high average powers. Lasers feature a mechanical and optical designs optimized for industrial applications such as precise material processing and allow quick and seamless PHAROS integration into machining workstations. Laser PHAROS flexibility allows the system to cover applications normally requiring different classes of lasers. Tunable parameters include pulse duration (190 fs -- 20 ps), repetition rate (single pulse to 1MHz), pulse energy (up to 2 mJ) and average power (up to 20W). Its power level is sufficient for most of material processing applications at high machining speeds. The built-in pulse picker allows convenient control of the laser output in pulse-on-demand mode. Due to robust optomechanical design and thermal stabilization system PHAROS features stable laser operation across varying environments.


  • New PHAROS enclosure based on the universal control platform.
  • Possibility to give up the external power supply and umbilical.
  • PHAROS platform now offers novel BiBurst functionality.

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