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Luxexcel receives funding

Luxexcel, the first company that is able to 3D print functional lenses, announced a €7.5 million series B funding. The first closure is done and the second closure will be finalized in 3 months’ time. The B-round was led by the Flemish investment company PMV, which included the firm’s existing investors, SET Ventures and Munich Venture Partners.

Since the launch of the Printoptical Technology in 2010, Luxexcel has raised a total of € 17.5 million in funding. The company has grown to a team of 25 employees and recently started to build an online ordering platform to provide worldwide accessibility of its service, providing optical designers with a rapid path to lens design, prototyping, testing,  refinement and manufacturing of custom optical components in a matter of days.

Luxexcel is headquartered in the Netherlands and offers a 3D printing service for products that demand the highest standard in transparency and smoothness. The company is the only company in the world able to Additive Manufacture lenses, directly out of the printer, without visible layering and post-processing. Luxexcel, has identified and is effectively eliminating the massive inefficiencies that are present in the lens manufacturing and development processes. Momentarily Luxexcel’s scalable technology, has a main focus on optical components for architectural lighting, automotive, aerospace, photonics and medical industries but with the fast increasing printing capabilities, many more markets and products will become able to benefit from Luxexcel’s Printoptical Technology.

For more information, read "3D Printed Optics with Printoptical Technology".

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