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careers day at Luxinar

Careers Enterprise Co-ordinator and Women into Manufacturing (WiME) representative Kerrie Jaquest visited leading laser manufacturer Luxinar to explore opportunities to promote careers in the laser industry to schoolchildren. Her visit also coincided with Day of Photonics*, an annual global celebration of the science of light.

Kerrie had a tour of the purpose-built high-tech facility where she saw first-hand the latest laser technology being developed in the Luxinar Technology & Innovation department; she also visited the applications laboratories for demonstrations of the company’s CO2 lasers in action.

Kerrie was amazed at what is being achieved within the 7500 square metres of Luxinar’s UK headquarters. The self-contained facility includes both R&D and manufacturing space, with laser sources being shipped and installed globally across a wide range of industries such as automotive, electronics, packaging and textiles.

Kerrie said, “Thank you for hosting my visit to see the innovative work that goes on behind the scenes at Luxinar. I was amazed at the range of products where lasers are used in our everyday lives.  It was great to meet the staff who are clearly passionate about the work that they do and hear about how much they enjoy working at Luxinar.  I’m looking forward to working with Luxinar to help to connect them to schools and colleges to increase young people’s understanding about the high calibre opportunities for employment going forward.” 

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