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Zeiss showcases APEER at MM in Baltimore easy to use modules and workflows can be combined into new personalized end to end solutions that enhance research

Zeiss presents the initial release of its cloud-based digital microscopy platform, known under the name APEER, at the Microscopy & Microanalysis conference (M&M) in Baltimore, Maryland (US). Microscopy users will be able to automatically process images in the cloud by leveraging application workflows for 3D reconstructions, staining or segmenting. 

Use cases at M&M

Use cases at M&M demonstrate different workflows, from the acquisition of images to particle analysis and reporting. In addition to enabling the exchange of scientific applications on the platform, the plan is to promote collaboration between scientists and provide community-building functions, such as a discussion forum and the opportunity to swap data sets or build on existing workflows. 

APEER gradually available

A broad network of developers and test users from the field of scientific microscopy were involved in shaping the initial release. APEER is being gradually made available to scientific institutions and the industry.

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