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MAC Thin Films (MTF),  specialists in vacuum-deposited thin-film coatings on glass, introduces FrostFree, a highly-durable, conductive coating with extended operational wavelengths into the near-infrared (NIR). Ideal for light detection and ranging (lidar) applications, the new window heater coating, based on MTF’s proprietary technology, has defrosting capability and ultra-broadband transmittance while operating from the visible into the NIR spectrum. With its extraordinary thermal management capabilities, it revolutionizes window defrosting/heating solutions for semi-autonomous or autonomous vehicles, including farm equipment, commercial goods transport, passenger automobiles, public transportation, and more.

MTF’s FrostFree extended-wavelength conductive coating operates without the need for wires in the vehicle window apertures, as seen in common rear-window defrosters in most automobiles. This ensures that there is no interference or modulation in the laser or in the sensor’s beam path, thereby maintaining ultimate signal fidelity. The defrosting capability safeguards the lidar remote-sensing units by keeping them fully transmissive and functional during cold and inclement weather.

The vehicle’s onboard electrical system provides the power to the heater window and may be easily connected to two busbars attached to the window via wire or a flat flexible connector. MAC Thin Films can customize the sheet resistance over a wide range of values, from 10 to 250 ohm/sq (typical) to meet the demands of various LiDAR window designs and available power supplies. The unique, extended-wavelength conductive coating is available on a variety of substrates. Optical performance can also be customized for color-matching and/or to provide additional functionality.

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