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Marktech Optoelectronics introduced its new high speed InGaAs PIN photodiode, the MTSM1346SMF2-100. This PIN Photodiode offers both high sensitivity and high reliability with a speed response of 2Gbps and a spectral range of 600nm to 1750nm.

The MTSM1346SMF2-100 is Marktech’s first device to use the company’s newly designed surface mount device (SMD) package. The “Atlas” is a hermetically sealed seam welded ceramic package that offers higher reliability than current standard thru-hole types. This unique 5mm x 5mm surface mount package is constructed using a glass to ceramic seam welded process and is reflow solderable. Its compact size and shape allow for dense packing and placement in small areas. Among the benefits of using this package are for applications requiring no moisture or oxygen ingress, wide or narrow Lambertian radiation pattern (flat or domed type lens), and a package capable of accommodating multiple chips.

Marktech is one of a few limited manufacturers of SWIR Emitters in these ranges. The company’s standard product offering includes both through-hole and surface mount packages. Higher wavelength ranges up to 3000nm are available as well. In addition to standard series of products, Marktech offers custom packages with options such as various wavelengths, emitters and detectors in the same header or assemblies. Marktech is able to work with clients to develop a custom wafer / die that meets the parameters of a specific application.

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